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Merry we meet, merry we part, and may we merry meet again with Many Blessings and Much Love to All!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Resurrection of DarkMoonFaye

It has been over a year since I last posted on this blog. I was going to let it go but I never could. It always stayed there. I would look at it ready to hit delete, but my finger always wavered.

Here I am again ready to resurrect this blog fittingly enough on the day of the new moon.


Because this blog is a part of me and I now know the direction that I want it to go. I had started another blog to start a business with, but this one has continued to tickle the back of my mind. I know why.

Crescent Moon and Venus
In denying/neglecting this blog I have also denied/neglected a vital part of myself. I have lost touch with my spiritual path.

It is time to work on both.

This will be a more personal blog. I will still express and teach about my spiritual journey. I will talk about news that I feel strongly about. I will share magickal and mundane moments of my life. I will offer classes and other items as soon as I get this blog revamped. At times both of my blogs may intermingle.

I am still here.
I have always been here.
I will always be here.

Blessings and Love

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Love is a Four Letter Word

Having joined the Pagan Blog Project a good way into the year I thought it would be fitting for me to start with Love as my chosen L word.

Please excuse me as the "fluffy bunny" side comes out mixed with the Dark Mama! ;-)

Love is a very valuable tool for any witchling to have in their repertoire.

Love can heal or harm, just like magic can be either.

Love is amazingly powerful!

Love is the strongest of bonds that joins a mother and child long after the cord that connects them has been cut. It is the bond that cements when the crying newborn quiets at the sound of it's mother's voice and suckles at her breast. It can be witnessed almost enviously, when a child stares into it's mother's eyes.

Love is in the passion that flares between lovers. It is felt in the ebb and flow of a passionate embrace. It is known by the guileless laughter and joy that lovers can share in the most carnal moments. It smolders in a knowing smile.

Love is the quiet stillness that swells the heart when Mama Nature blesses us with a glimpse of her beauty. It is seen in a sunrise on a mountain top. It is felt in the clean wild air that gracefully caresses the skin.

Love is the greatest gift when a living being sacrifices it's own life to save another. It is shared in the story of a K-9 who jumps into the path of a bullet meant for it's handler. It's in the sacrifice a mother makes to protect and save her children.

Love is the gentle touch that comforts. Love is in the kiss that heals a scraped knee. Love is the breathless moment of "I do". Love is an old couple walking hand in hand down the street. Love is a grandson gently helping his grandmother into a car.

Love isn't all sunshine and flowers.Love has a dark side as well.

Love can be the teary cry of heartache at a lover's indiscretion. Love can be the angry ex that kills the formal spouse out of jealousy. Love can be the boyfriend that weeps after he beats his girlfriend out of fear and insecurity.

Love can change lives.

Love is strangers running to the scene of an accident to offer comfort and aide. Love is a nurse comforting a dying patient. Love is a community gathering to honor a child beaten to death by his family.

Love is the teacher that takes the extra time to help a student with a learning disorder. Love is the coach that pushes the athlete to improve himself. Love is the mentor that holds a client accountable to improving his or her situation.

Love is looking at the mentally or physically challenged without fear or judgement. Love is becoming a foster parent to a child born with a drug addiction. Love is teaching our children not to judge others by the way they look.

Love is looking at someone who has hurt you and saying I forgive you. Love is listening as your ex rants and raves about everything that is your fault and understanding why they are doing what they. Love is looking at an enemy and really seeing where they are coming from.

Love is looking at yourself in the mirror and accepting yourself as you are. Love is facing your inner deamons and finding the love you have always had for you.

Love is finding Spirit within. Love is seeing Spirit in everything around you.

Love is looking at your life and saying, "Thank you!"

The strongest magic is done from a place of Love. When you love yourself enough to know and accept who you truly are, your magic will be so much stronger.

Love is taking control of and truly living your life.

Love is knowing that Spirit is within us all! Love is what connects us to this world. Love is what connects us to each other.

Love can hurt and Love can heal.

Love can change the world!

See in Love.

Be with Love.

Share the Love.


Many Blessings and Much Much Love,

Friday, May 04, 2012

Blogging Just "Git R Done"

Having my own blog gives me license to decide what subjects I will or will not include in my forum. Because it's mine! All mine! Mwahahaha! :-)

Seriously though, there have been several big stories involving the Pagan community that I haven't touched on. This blog is about putting my thoughts, opinions, ideas, words out there. A way for me to voice myself and I haven't really done that.

When I first decided to start this blog, I meant for it to strictly be a Witchcraft 101 type blog. There was a long hiatus when I didn't go near the net shortly after, then I was plugged back into the web and "found" my blog again. There have been several quiet times since and I realize that my fears manifested into blocks of one kind or another that kept me from writing and vlogging.

Like many new bloggers, I found myself in a panic. "No one is reading! How do I 'lure' people in? Do I seem like an idiot? I'm no expert! What do I think I'm doing? Aaaahhhhh!" (Darn Ego!) I let my insecurities and fears get the better of me, thus the absences.

I realize now that I just need to do it. To write. Not having internet or not having a working computer are just excuses for letting the fear (and ego) take control. Libraries have computers that can be used. The phone I have now let's me blog. Heck, if it came down to it, I could go to a friend's house and use their computer.

If I don't have absolutely anyway to blog, then paper and pen/marker/pencil will do. It really isn't just about the blog it's about the writing. It isn't just about the readers, its about voicing/finding myself in my words.

As the writer/creator I find myself in a bit of a pickle. Where do I take this blog?

Like I mentioned above, I originally meant this to be a Witchcraft 101 blog. To "teach so that I may learn." I realize that it is becoming a whole lot more. It is becoming more and more of a very public (if sporadic) journal.

It is a forum to learn to express myself succinctly. To overcome my fear of rejection and stage fright. To share myself and my story with whomever wants to know.

It's about sharing my authentic life as a woman coming to grips with herself, her past, present and future. It's about how a real person deals with finding harmony within her myriad roles as mother, wife, witch and woman. It's about overcoming my fears and living a real life.

Mostly it is about sharing, healing, teaching, and hopefully helping others see that life isn't all cakes and roses. This is my real life. How I deal with it. How my chosen faith helps me cope.

Just a small warning, if you haven't noticed I ramble and I never know which way my posts will go!

Witchiness 101 will still be part of my blog, but it won't be the whole story.

It's about sharing as I change.



This is my blog.

My personal, yet public journal.

This is My Story.

To be successful at concurring your fears, you just need to go out and do. Face your fears, face yourself.

If you fall, ok.

Get up, dust yourself off and do it again.

Take a risk.

Take a chance.

Live your authentic life.

You may be surprised at which way your life can go!

Blessings and Love,

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Dancing with Karma

Wishing ill will on another is never a good idea...yet what to do when you know that a person is doing and wishing negativity on you or worse your children. I face that dilemma.

A little...venting...background first:

He's very publicly mentioned that he would like to be the one "driving the karma bus" when it comes to me.

He is very passive-aggressive towards the children. He implies that the things he doesn't do and the legal problems that he is facing are their fault.

When he has his visits (can you tell it's my ex that I'm venting about?) He spoils our children: season passes to Sea World, Six Flags, Kindles, swimming with dolphins, etc. The smaller gifts are played with before our children even see them. Yet he colors his lavish gifts with the threats of him facing jail because he cannot afford his child support?!?! He also makes our children leave their gifts at home because as he constantly tells our kids, "Your mom might sell them".

He has dropped hints that he could disappear with the children to a former friend, but she is so affraid of him that she won't go to the police for me.

He's a psychologically abusive person and a compulsive liar. He's smart enough not to get physically abusive, but he enjoys playing with people's minds. He almost destroyed my personality. I don't want him to do the same to our children.

There is more to this story, but I'll stop here.

Back to the dilemma:

Do I have the right to magickally bind and/or banish home from our lives?

I don't wish him harm...I just wish him distant.

Would it be detrimental to my children? Do I keep my tears of worry to myself every time they get upset and confused at what he tells them or they catch on to one of his lies?

I've noticed the hints of karma on my part when I have gotten pissed off enough to wish him harm.

I know that I'm not the only Mom (some Dads go through this too) that has to deal with a dead-beat parent.

It's the psychological games that he plays with my children's minds that gets my dander up!

I would be protecting my children, but it would also give me peace of mind.

Would their be bad karma if I do a binding/banishing? Or would there be bad karma if I don't?

What would you do if it was your children?

I'll ask the Lady to point me in the right direction.

Blessings and Love,